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Unique personality

El Bierzo  is linked to the culture of wine since Roman times. It was at that time when a generational chain was born that has been transmitting the art of cultivation of grapes and the acquisition of wine until today. This traditional knowledge is what makes the wines of El Bierzo be amongst the most value in the national and international markets.

What makes us different

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Own microclimate
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Unique land
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Local varieties
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Artisanal production
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Highest density of old vineyard in the world
An ideal land for the vine
El Bierzo is a large tectonic basin watered by numerous rivers and surrounded by a mountain range that protects and delimits it geographically.
It has geographical, morphological and climatological characteristics that, together, make it a unique area, with great contrasts between the mountain and the valley.

The vineyards are located on terraces next to rivers and to lands with an average altitude between 450 and 1,000 meters.

The microclimate, without large fluctuations throughout the year, halfway between the continental and Atlantic climate, significantly benefits the cultivation of the vine.
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Mencía, is the star variety and the one that gives the Bierzo wines a unique personality. It represents approximately 75% of the production of qualified grapes. It started to be seeded during the Roman occupation. Small and compact bunches. Garnet red must, balanced and with a high content of sugars, produces aromatic and fruity wines, of intense colour and with great capacity for aging.

Godello, crucial in the production of white wines. Its production increases gradually. Currently it represents 5% of the production. Greenish yellow colour with hay-coloured and scented hues, with more body than the other white wines.

Palomino. It is the highest production among whites; it represents 17% of the total.

Doña Blanca. It represents 2.4% of the production. It is a main variety in the production of white wines with Qualified Designation of Origin Bierzo.

Garnacha tintorera. It represents 2% of the production. It is complementary to the Mencía in the production of red and rosé wines.
Malvasía, represents 0.1% of the wine-growing area. Early ripening, sweet and very aromatic grape that brings balance to wine.

Mencía  and Godello,

local varieties

In El Bierzo different types of grapes of great quality are produced and adapted to the characteristics of their own soil. The varieties recognized of Wines of El Bierzo are: Mencía, la Garnacha Tintorera, el Godello, Doña Blanca and Malvasía.

The main varieties are Mencía for red wines and Godello for white wines. Both, native to El Bierzo.
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Our wines

With a minimum of 70% of Mencía grape, it is characterized by its intense colour and velvety taste. They can be produced as young wines, oaked wines, crianza wines (aged wine) and Reserva and Gran Reserva wines.
It is mainly produced with the authorised varieties Godello and Doña Blanca and they are complemented with Palomino and Malvasía in different percentages. Clean and bright wines, of colours that range between the shades of green and yellow. On the nose, they offer primary fruity or floral scents, marked by their freshness.
The rosé wines are made with at least 50% of Mencía grapes. They are fresh and bright wines, of light colours, between pink and red, and with a harmonious and fruity taste. Clean and bright, with colours that range between the shades of green and yellow. On the nose, they offer primary fruity or floral scents, marked by their freshness.

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